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Ethical Certification for company and organizations

To received the Ethical Certification a product, service, organization or person must meet the following minimum requirements:

1 - A minimum of 95% of your suppliers of products and services (including production costs, rents, salaries, equipment, tools, etc..) Must come from countries certified ethical. And, ideally, they should themselves be certified ethical.

2 - A minimum of 95% of the shareholders of the companies suppliers of goods and services must come from countries certified ethical.

3 - The basic principle of the ETHICS CERTIFICATION is to preserve the life, health and safety of all human beings.

To be certified ETHICS products and services for individuals or companies should not cause death directly or indirectly.

You should not endanger the life, health and safety of any client, worker, neighbor, etc.. either by pollution or other forms of risk.

You are not using fossile or nuclear energy and your suppliers are not too.

4 - Your goods produced or purchased, must be sustainable (with a minimum guarantee of 2 to 10 years).

5 - You must be able to deliver your products, if any, directly to the customer even if the purchase was made by the customer from a wholesaler, distributor or retailer to minimize transport.
6 - The delivery must be made on the surface (unless using a proper energy) to minimize pollution (by boat if available).
7 - All your activities are done with little or no environmental pollution of air, water and soil.
8 - The revenues generated will be used to transform short, medium and long-term existing equipment to eliminate all pollution  and reduce energy use.
9 - You should buy locally (within 100 km) to reduce pollution.
10 - When available, the products must be certified organic or in conversion to organic.
11 - You must use recycled materials when they are available.
12 - When available, the products must be certified fair trade or in certification process within a reasonable time.
13 - Do not crop, distribute or sell food products within 10 kilometers of a nuclear plant.
14 - Your business or organization is not speculating on basic foods.
15 - Your business or organization does not have a stake in companies such casino, cigarettes, weapons, etc..
16 - Have a policy against harassment and intimidation among employees within the companies.
17 - Do not finance political party illicit or licit or corrupt officials or employees.
18 - Providing health insurance to employees if not provided by the state.
19 - Employees must get to work and work without consuming energy from fossil or nuclear energy.



Calculate 6 points for each condition.



100 points: DIAMOND

90-99 points: PLATINUM

80-89 points: OR

70-79 points: MONEY

60-69 points: BRONZE


If your products and / or services and / or organization meet the above criteria you can apply for ETHICS CERTIFICATION: you can order your certification online, subject to subscription an annual inspections fee .


It should be noted that fees are payable either in cash or barter with your products and services (specify in the comments box how you wish to pay.)


What to do to be certified ethical if you are not located in a country certified ethical?


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