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How to don't finance killing?

Killing of innocent civilians, is it not the worst crime in accordance with the norms of every Nation?

So we have to create a mechanism to help every one to do not finance any terrorist government or enterprise directly or indirectly responsible of innocent civilians killing.


Life have to pass before economy.


Boycott is a powerful pacific weapon who did is proof, notably in South Africa.

We must fight against fascism Economic quickly so that in all spheres of political and economic right to life is paramount as desired by all citizens of the planet.

We did this website for you and your fellow citizen because it is not easy to found all requested information necessary to do clarified choices.

We strongly suggest you to boycott terrorist States and to vote at the international referendum to require to all the Nations the obligation to install the mechanism for the complete boycott of all terrorists government according to the desire really democratic of all citizens of the world.


You are also invited to participate to the creation of a really direct democracy by voting, submitting some projects of international norms, working voluntarily and doing somedonation to the international true democratic organisation.

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