Ethical certification
Promoting ethical behavior
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Ethical governments are respecting following conditions:
  1. Respect of life
    1. Do not allow a level of pollution that can make you sick, let alone kill.
    2. Interdiction of polluting agriculture and helping organic agriculture. 
    3. Submit themselves to the international criminal courts as well as nationals of all other countriesBecause exemptingcertain categories of criminals is being an accomplice of crime. 
    4. Do not allow investment into unethical countries and the transfer of money in tax havens. 
    5. Obligation for individuals and businesses to reduce their emissions each year .
    6. Provide only peacekeepers to resolve conflicts. 
    7. Have only a defensive army. 
    8. Educate the population on the means of contraception if the population exceeds 10 million. 
    9. Provide free contraception if the population of their country exceeds 20 million people. 
    10. Require manufacturers to produce durable goods by imposing a minimum guarantee of 2 to 10 years on all manufactured goods. 
    11. Promote the 3 R. Reduce, reuse and recycling. 
    12. Require companies to reinvest their profits in reducing pollution. 
    13. Require the purchase of carbon credits. 
    14. Prohibit the use of fossil and nuclear energy.
    15. Prohibit the purchase of products from countries where the minimum wage is obscene, nonexistent or simply not respected. 
  2. Respect of physical and psychological integrity
  3. Respect the charters of duties, rights and freedoms.
  4. To do not allow the importation of products and services from countries not ethical. (Except first necessity products if they are not available somewhere else: foods, legal drugs and medical and school equipment). 
    1. Mandating the purchase of Fair Trade Certified products. 
    2. Prohibit the purchase of products from countries where the minimum wage is indecent, absent or simply not respected.
  5. Respecting freedom of expression.
  6. Wrestle effectively against corruption.

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