Ethical certification
Promoting ethical behavior
   Accueil            International norms

Internationals norms objectives:

1- To develop consciousness by not buying, when possible, products and services from countries who do or are still doing unpunished crimes against humanity according to Amnesty International and/or refusing to be submit to the International Criminal Court and/or refusing Kyoto protocol about greenhouseeffects gas emission.

Are you killing directly or indirectly by encouraging criminal government by buying products and services from them?  

Starting in 2005 we will have to boycott also government responsible of bad physicals (tortures, rapes, etc.) and psychological (harassing, threat, etc.) treatments.

2- To promote the purchase of lasting products  to reduce manufacturing pollution.

Are you killing directly or indirectly by buying not lasting products?

3- To promote direct, surface, drop ship to customers from manufacturer, to void personal vehicle use, for pollution reduction. 

Are you killing directly or indirectly by polluting by using your car on many kilometres to purchase a product?

List of To boycott.

If you are an organism, manufacturer, supplier, retailer, etc. of products or services see "Ethical certification"section.


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