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How to don't finance murders and other crimes against humanity?
Killing of innocents civilians, is it not the worst crime in accordance with the norms of any nation?

Our mission
To help all citizens of every State-region to void the financing or to commit  directly or indirectly the murder of innocents civilians.
By encouraging good governance respecting life, peoples integrity, human rights, freedom of expression, etc.

Committee profile
  • The international committee for ethical certification have for objective to inform the citizens, organization and governements on how to buy and invest ethically.
  • For security reason the committee prefer to keep anonymous for the moment.

To boycott

To encourage
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How to boycott



The committee is devoted for the promotion of ethical purchase and investments.

Its program is composed of 2 sections:
1- Promoting ethical behavior.
2- The boycott of government responsible of unpunished crimes against humanity and of enterprises paying taxes to those government.

This web site aim to make know the basic principles and existing resources in order to do ethical purchase and investing.


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