Ethical certification
Promoting ethical behavior
   Accueil      To boycott


1- Do not buy any product or service from countries with bad governance.
Do not sale any weapon, munitions, etc. to the governments to boycott.
And do not do any vacancy trip into those countries.
2- or any companypaying taxes to those countries .

Do not invest into any company from, or coming from, countries to boycott or any company paying taxes to those countries.
Don't buy patent from unethical countries use generic products or similar products (like free software).

3- And boycott terrorists groups

The international committee for ethical certification do not shoulder for any violent terrorist movement killing innocent civilian.

We invite all terrorists to do a pacific fight to unethical countries in boycotting them and putting all their resources and energy to do the promotion of this boycott of terrorists countries.

So we invite all the world citizens to boycott terrorists group like any terrorist country.


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